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Lions Gate Model A Club and the new MAFCA Restorers Class

Al Glen and Carl Becker in the Convention Centre – Bend, Oregon in September

The new Model A Ford Club of America’s Restorers Class was unveiled at the Northwest Regional Group’s meet at Bend, Oregon held September 3 – 8, 2013. This was the first time that this new class for the ‘Everyday A’ was given a field testing through the evaluation of twelve Model A’s.

The Restorers Class committee assembles at Bend, Oregon. (left to right) Alex Janke – MAFCA President Brian Carlson – LGMAC President Al Glen – LGMAC Technical Advisor Dave Vestal – Past MAFCA President Carl Becker – LGMAC member, CMAFF President (Not in attendance: Garth Shreading – Past MAFCA President)

The Restorers Class is a culmination of almost two years of planning and development by the above group of MAFCA members. Notably, three of the six individuals are members of the Lions Gate Model A Club.

Evaluators are hard at work utilizing scoring sheets developed by the committee

The Restorers Class was born out of a perceived need for the recognition of Model A owners who maintain their vehicles to a standard that reflects original manufacture and condition but are utilized as ‘daily drivers’.

Evaluators going over a 1929 Roadster owned by Steve Lewis of Sebastopol, California

Entrants start with zero points but can be awarded up to a maximum of 400 points. This class recognizes that not every vehicle can be entirely original or a pristine show car. Evaluation of each vehicle is made in five overall areas.

Committee members Carl Becker (centre) and Dave Vestal (right) making an award

Based upon the vehicle’s score, awards are made to each entrant. There are four levels of achievement: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation. The awards at Bend, Oregon were made at the Awards Banquet, held at the conclusion of the meet.

Next the committee will convene in order to review the results of this first outing of the Restorers Class and fine-tune the process for the next opportunity which will be the 2014 MAFCA National Convention in Puyallup, Washington.

It is hoped that Lions Gate club members will find this report of interest and be more aware of one of many roles our club is playing in the Model A world.

Richmond Curling Club, Richmond, B.C.

Winning Vehicles



Best of Show, 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 480 points

Karl Wehrle - 1929 AA Duck Hunting Custom Truck


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 479 points

Barbara Jo Brit 1931 Closed Cab Pickup


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 462 points

Tony Stokes 1930 Deluxe Delivery


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 455 points

James G. Hill 1930 Canadian Std Phaeton


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 454 points

Glen Johnson 1929 Std Coupe


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 445 points

Steve Schmauch 1931 S/W Standard Fordor


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 440 points

Walt Ramsey 1930 Victoria


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 436 points

Jim Hildreth 1929 Fordor Sedan


Touring - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 435 points

Glen Johnson 1929 Tudor


Touring - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 405 points

Jim Barbee 1931 S/W Standard Fordor


Restored - 1st Place - 397 points

Shirley Hazzard 1930 Deluxe Coupe


Original - 1st Place - 393 points

Rick Poissant 1929 Standard Coupe


Restored - 1st Place - 391 points

Ken Corrigan 1931 Deluxe Phaeton


Touring - 1st Place - 383 points

Gerald Hamberg 1931 S/W Town Sedan


Touring - 2nd Place - 371 points

Jerry Lubinsky 1931 Service Truck


Modified - 1st Place - 359 points

Marshall Lewis 1931 S/W Fordor


Touring - 3rd Place - 345 points

Richard O'Brien 1929 Station Wagon


Modified - 1st Place - 288 points

John Carvalho 1931 Tudor


MAFCA 2010 International Convention Vehicle Judging

  Judging groups at work....080410  
  Tools.... determining what is correct and what's not; finish, manual, etc.080410  
steve Chief Judge
  Steve Shmauch (Chief Judge) and Don Bader working out points on score sheets.080410  
  Youth involvement ... Devin Clayton. 080410  
  Team D reviewing areas 6 & 8. 080410  


2009 NWRM Judging breakfast. Chief Judge Bill Cote conducted the early morning meeting and set the guidelines for judging. 073109


Vehicles lining up for "start & Idle". Leroy Nau inspects the vehicles as they line up. 073109


A rare "Bell Telephone Company" Model A pickup was restored by Bill Cote and offered for Judging. Owner Barbara Birt of the Evergreen A's took 1st place with 470 points. Way to go Barbara! 073109


Judges discussing their area on a nicely restored 1930 Fordor. Jim Barbee of the Evergreen A's restored the car and took second place with 465 points out of 500. Nice job Jim! 073109


Bill Cote - Chielf Judge (right) and Steve Schmauch - assistant Chief Judge (left) working away at score sheets. Looks good to me Steve! 073109


Awards Banquet - vehicles entered into judging were nicely lined up for viewing at the banquet. Nice touch! 073109

July 11, 2009 - LGMAC Judging Restoration Workshop was held at Dave Kettler's Model A Garage and Repair Shop in Burnaby. With the upcoming NWRM in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It was decided to work on a little pre-judging warm up with a review on "Start and Idle" along with Judging Ethics. We had a number of great questions from many of the members. A big thank you to Dave Kettler for the use of his garage and generous hospitality! 071109
John Willis, Lloyd Olson, Brian Hatch and Neil Herron reviewing "Start & Idle" and Judging Ethics.071109
Al Glen explained how easy judging tests are done with an open book, and that you can simply start off writing one test or if you like all 23. Al also explained the need to get youth involved, including our grandchildren. 071109
Outdoor Pizza Party with picture perfect weather! 071109
Sharing stories and good times with friends! 071109
Group photo minus the photographer Al Glen. From left to right, Brian Hatch, Terry Heselton (low), Jim Elligott, Brian Carlson, Carl Becker, Peter Kettler, Dave Kettler, John Willis, Neil Herron, Ted Baker, Lloyd Olson and Lorne Dickie. 071109

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