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The Tool Chest  
  Please note that borrowers are responsible for the safe use and operation, as well as safekeeping of club tools while in their posession.
  New Tools recently acquired by the club. (Contact Al Glen to borrow any club tools)
  1. Valve Lapping Tool/Suction cup
  2. Clutch Disc Alignment/10 Spine
  3. Gas Tank Filler Screen Removal Tool
  4. Venturi Puller for Single Venturi Carb's only
  5. Body Socket Installation Tool
  6. Bendix Starter Drive Barrel Compressor
  7. Distributor Puller
  8. Compression tester
  9. C-Spark Voltage Tester
  10. Rivet Upset Tool Set
  11. Bearing Packer Kit
  12. 1/4" Diameter Rivet Tool
  13. 3/16" Diameter Rivet Tool
  14. 5/16" Diameter Rivet Tool
  15. Roller Track Rivet Tool
  16. Spring Bushing Driver Tool Front & Rear
  17. Tie Rod End Adjusting Tool
  18. Light Switch Spider Installation Tool
  19. 28-31 Steering Wheel & Fan Blade Puller
  20. 28-31 Head Nut Torque Tool
  21. Stud Installation & Removal Tool
  22. Piston Ring Compressor Tool - Up to 5" bore
  23. Bearing Scraping Tool
  24. 28-34 Camshaft Retaining Nut Tool
  25. 28-31 Flywheel Gauge
  26. 28-34 Valve Guide Remover Tool
  27. Engine stand adaptor
  28. Magnaflux kit

Distributor Analyzer Tool - Donated by Carl Becker

  Brake shoe centering tool (John Haddon)
Rear brake camshaft bushing reamer (John Haddon)
Brake drum measuring device (John Haddon)
Ammco Brake Archer - for adjusting brake shoes to drums - (John Haddon/Jim DeWolf) donated by Carl Becker
Rear & front brake drum & hub truing mandrels (for machining drums) (Jim Dewolf)
  Hood rivet tool (Club)
  Carb throttle shaft bushing reamer (Club); (Jim DeWolf)
Carburetor flow tester (John Haddon)
Carburetor throttle butterfly reamer (Jim DeWolf)
Jigs & fixtures for installing carburetor butterfly shaft (Club tool) (Jim DeWolf)
  Water pump bushing removal tool (John Haddon)
Water pump bushing installation tool (John Haddon)
  Distributor bushing removal tool (John Haddon)
Distributor bushing installation tool (John Haddon)
  Engine Stand & Hoist
  Engine hoist (Tom Spouse)
  Engine Stand Adaptor for Model A block (Al Glen)
  Engine - Head, Block, Valve and Related
  Block thread repair kit (Club) (Jim DeWolf)
Spark plug hole tap ( John Haddon)
Oil pump bushing removal tool (John Haddon)
Oil pump bushing reamer (John Haddon)
Oil pump bushing installation tool (John Haddon)
24" straight edge (for checking heads, blocks, & manifolds) (Club tool) (Jim DeWolf)
Valve guide spring removing tool (John Haddon)
  Engine Timing
  Fan Tools
  Frame & Spring
  Frame spreader (Tom Spouse)
Rear spring spreader (small) (Club); (John Haddon)
  Front, Rear Wheel, Axle & Drive Shaft

Wheel Straightener (Al Glen)

Rear wheel hub puller (Tom Spouse); (John Haddon)
Stud removal tool (John Haddon)
Hub bolt swedge remover (Club) (John Haddon)
Axle seal installation tool (John Haddon)
Rear hub seal installation tool (John Haddon)
Rear wheel puller, late style (not AR) (Jim Dewolf)
Rear Axle seal driver (Tom Spouse)
Rear spring shackle bushing driver (Tom Spouse)
Differential nut wrench (John Haddon)

  Gas Tank Tools
  Gas tank filler screen removal tool (Tom Spouse)
Cast aluminum gas gauge nut tool set (John Haddon)

Generator Tester - Al Glen fabricated this handy setup.

  Coil tester (John Haddon)
  Hub Caps
  30/31 hub cap installation/tab bending tool (Club)
  Pedal Tools
  Pedal bushing removal tool (John Haddon)
Pedal bushing reamer tool (John Haddon)
Pedal installation tool (John Haddon)
  Steering wheel puller (Jim DeWolf)
Steering worm removal jig, 7 tooth & 2 tooth (Jim Dewolf)
Jigs & fixtures for updating & repairing Gemmer steering boxes (Jim DeWolf)
Jigs & fixtures for replacing steering arm & Pitman arm balls (Jim DeWolf & John Haddon)
  Gearshift lever spring compressor tool (Club)
  Rebuilding a 3 speed transmission ( John Haddon - DVD)
Rebuilding distributor - John Haddon (VSH)
  Hydraulic press (John Haddon)
  Helicoil thread repair kit, 5/16 NC; 3/8 NC; 7/16 NC & 1/2 NC (Club tool) (Jim DeWolf)
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