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IF YOU ARE A CAR BUFF THIS IS EXTRAORDINARY...YOU WILL SPEND HOURS GOING OVER THIS... NO MATTER WHAT BRAND OF CAR YOU ENJOYED, IT'S REFERENCED IN THIS LINE UP. ONCE YOU START WATCHING THIS, IT IS LIKE A DRUG… A GOOD ONE... HAVE FUN… KEEP SMILING... (Enjoy, click on the video camera on the right, next to each item to view.) I then clicked below the car, and the movie opened in YouTube. Be sure and look at the New York film.

Old Car Movies


1936 Chevrolet Assembly Line

This is really awesome footage. A 1936 Chevrolet assembly factory. Note the automation that was already in place, the workers lack of any and all modern safety equipment, glasses and helmets, and they ALL know exactly what to do and its getting done. 

Check their sizes, you can tell it requires labor. Note also that when the body comes together with the chassis that it is in FULL trim, Interior, windshield, all glass .etc., is already in place as it is dropped onto the awaiting rolling chassis, "AMAZING."  Simplicity at its best. Note that while the metal finishers are checking the sheet metal for minute and tiny flaws and defects that they are wearing heavy leather work gloves?

Remember this is steel frame and body. 

            Click here: Fascinating 1936 Footage Of Car Assembly Line [VIDEO]        


This is an hour-long film on the transition of Ford from 4 cylinder to V8s - including Model As, Model Bs and V8 models.

Click here for Youtube Video


Opened to the public in 1997 at the urging of Piet den Hartogh’s wife, the Den Hartogh Museum consisted entirely of Piet den Hartogh’s collection of Ford Motor Company vehicles filling a 5,000-square-meter facility. Piet den Hartogh, who died in 2011, began assembling the collection during the 1950s and traveled around the world to obtain vehicles for the collection. The Guinness Book of World Records certified the museum as the world’s largest Ford museum with 200-plus vehicles.

click here for video tour


The Whole Truth

A funny episode of the Twilight Zone featuring a haunted Model A. Season 2 episode 14.
Unfortunately the free view doesn't work anymore, but watch for it on MeTV, also available on some other services.

★★★★★ Rating


Lions Gate Model A Club Stanley Park Tour September 2015

Club tour hosted by Gerry O'Neil

★★★★★ Rating

Japananse Locomotive - Converted Model A


★★★★★ Rating

Rare 1928 Australian Model A Ford Pickup

Unique Pickup body/box all in one - Unique to Australia

★★★★★ Rating

Running Model A Engine - Exposed Model A Engine that runs on one cylinder
A must see!

★★★★★ Rating

The Best Old Steam Locomotive (Race)
Model A Races with a 1943 Steam Locomotive



Ford Model A Powered Pietenpol Air Camper
Starting up a Model A Powered Pietenpol Air Camper

★★★★★ Rating

Gunshots Fired!
1931 Model A

★★★★★ Rating
1931 Ford Model A Dump Truck
Working hydraulic box

Not Rated
1930 Ford Model A Fire truck
Nice Siren!

Not Rated
Model A First Drive!
Look out!

Not Rated
1929 Ford Model A
Ugliest Model A - Wins 16 trophies - Really interesting story! Must Watch!

★★★★★ Rating
1930 Model A Town Sedan
Driven by a young lady - look out!

Not Rated
Ford Model A
First Time Start-Up

★★★★★ Rating

2009 Speedmeet Model A Hill Climb, F.A.S.T.

★★★★★ Rating

2008 MARCA/MARC World Meet
Dallas, Texas

★★★★★ Rating
1928 Model A Snowmobile
Snowmobile conversion on a 1928 Model A

★★★★ Rating

Perry Harris and his Ford Model A
Former Ford employee, Norfolk, Virgina

★★★★★ Rating


Model A Ford Cylinder Head Resurfacing on a Bridgeport Mill
John Edwards - Costa Mesa R & D Automotive Machine

★★★★★ Rating

Driving a 1930 A Model Ford (Australia)
Adelaide Hills

★★★★★ Rating

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